Saturday, August 22, 2009

Redwood Regional Park

Aria's First Hike: We decided to take Aria on her first hike ever today. Hopefully, she will take to the great outdoors when she gets older because of this early start (at less than 3 months old). Mom & Dad traded off strapping her to them while trekking through the Redwood Regional Park in Oakland. It was a great adventure and a pretty steep climb for our first hike.
  • Rating:
    Pros: tall trees in the forest, interesting scenery; Cons: a slightly longish drive from home.
  • Difficulty:
    A reasonably steep climb, but is do-able if you take it slow.
  • Best Season(s):
Today's Hiking Group: Brian, Ranica, Aria, Mike, Suporn, Jam, & Jib.

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