Saturday, July 31, 2010

Roaring Camp Steam Train

We were at the Roaring Camp Railroads today out in Felton (near Santa Cruz) to ride the steam train. It was a beautiful ride up through the mountains and in the redwood forest. And the camp itself was a bustle of family activity, thanks to the Thomas train (maybe we'll try that next year)...

It was a long day, so Aria ended up falling asleep on our way out to Bear Mountain, but luckily was awake on the ride back.

Planning to take a hike tomorrow, so watch out for that post soon...

Today's Train Commuters:
Brian, Ranica, Aria, James, Supak, Miriya, Jonah, Mike & Suporn

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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Marin Headlands

Finally! We've been trying to do this Marin Headlands hike for so long (since last December), so we're really glad that the stars finally aligned and we were all able to make it out there today. We hiked from the parking lot out to the Marine Mammal Center where we learned about how they rehabilitate all kinds of sea creatures.

After a picnic lunch in the car (it was cold and windy!), we hiked out to the Point Bonita Lighthouse. It was a very interesting hike as it included going through a low-ceiling cave and crossing an old bridge (two at a time). But the view from the lighthouse and on this windy hike was absolutely beautiful.
  • Rating:
    Pros: Interesting viewpoints, lots of things to learn, look at.
    Cons: It's Marin - foggy and somewhat colder weather.
  • Difficulty:
    Very easy hike, with practically no climbing.
  • Best Season:
Today's Hiking Group: Brian, Ranica, Aria, Jib, Jam, Mike & Suporn

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