Saturday, April 30, 2011

RJ turns 1!

We attended RJ's first birthday party today (he's 1 already?!) and had lots of fun at the baseball themed fiesta. With a bouncer in the backyard, toys in the play room and lots of other kids to play with, Aria had a blast as well.

RJ is still such a happy baby and loved his baseball cake. I've included just a few photos of him having a ball while making a ooey gooey chocolatey mess.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

(An Early) Easter Egg Hunt

We were all lucky to have the Easter Bunny (a.k.a. Grandma and Grandpa) hold an early Easter Egg hunt today. All the kids got their own turn (in their own rooms) to find their special eggs and Easter baskets. Even though Aria and RJ had a little more help finding their eggs, they all did pretty well.

And after the excitement, we had a yummy lunch and dessert before heading back to the Bay Area.

More photos from the hunts:

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Siena's 4th Birthday - Pirates!

It was Siena's 4th birthday party today and the Holmgrens visited the Penders and their pirate guests to help celebrate. The birthday girl was decked out in a cute pirate t-shirt and pink tutu and all the guests got to wear pirate bandanas and eyepatches too.

As always, the food was delicious and there were lots of kids running around having fun and just being kids.

Here are some photos of the festivities:

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Great America

Since we had some time today, we decided to visit Great America to activate our season passes (great deal through Costco which will allow us to visit Great America and Gilroy Gardens all season long). Although we only stayed for a couple of hours, we packed in some rides and attractions for Aria (she seemed to enjoy the rides, but may have been too tired to really show it) and get our season pass photos taken care of. Hopefully, we'll be able to visit some more this summer (and perhaps even through Halloween)...

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Robert Sibley Volcanic Regional Preserve

Our first official hike with a group this season was a success. We drove out to the Oakland Hills to visit the Robert Sibley Volcanic Regional Preserve. It was a relatively easy hike which was good for the kiddies. We were a little concerned about how muddy the trails would be due to the recent rains and also about the weather overall, but except for a few little puddles here and there (or "sloppy slops" as Miriya called them) and some brief bouts of chilly wind, we had a pretty smooth hike.

  • Rating: Pros:  Beautiful views of Oakland and the East Bay, cool vista points, easy enough hike with kids, bathrooms available
    Cons: Maybe still a little chilly
  • Difficulty: A few steeper climbs, but the trail we took was pretty easy on the knees
  • Best Season:
  • Today's Hiking Group: Mike, Suporn, James, Supak, Miriya, Jonah, Brian, Ranica & Aria
Here is a map of the route we took today, courtesy of myTracks:

View 2011-04-09 10:45 Sibley in a larger map

And as always, some more photos:

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Jib's 18th Birthday

I can't believe it, but Jib turned 18 today! There was a celebration complete with the 4 Fs: food, friends, family and fun.

Little Yosemite & the Wildflowers

Today was a good opportunity to get outside and enjoy some of the beautiful weather that we've been having, so we drove out to the Sunol Regional Wilderness park and visit "Little Yosemite" again. We figured that with all the rain that we've been getting, the falls and the river should be flowing nicely. We weren't disappointed - the water rushing was louder than we had ever heard before.

We got to test out the Deuter Kid Comfort backpack (both of us) and it was perfect for us. Although we still need to make a few adjustments (wiggly Aria figured out how to get out of the shoulder straps and stood up while Brian was taking a breather on the side of the trail), it was a very comfortable and convenient way for all of us to enjoy the easy trail hike out to Little Yosemite.

We also lucked out as it was the Wildflower Festival today where they had live music (Aria loved the band, Extended Roots and the band appreciated her dancing and applause as well), arts & crafts activities, guided hikes, and lots of families enjoying the various booths from parks across the East Bay. All in all, a really good day to pick going on a hike there (the parking and crowd control was decent).

Here is our route, courtesy of myTracks:

View 2011-04-02 10:54 Sunol Regional in a larger map