Saturday, May 28, 2011

Aria's 2nd Birthday Party

It's Aria Time! As you may have noticed, we've been spending the last week or so really prepping for Aria's 2nd birthday part. Well, today was the big day and it was a success! It was a smaller party than last year, but packed with lots of games, presents, and fun, all to a Timmy Time theme (one of her favorite shows).

There were a lot of games (paper airplane flying contest, pin the tail on Mittens, and a bean bag toss) and lots of time for mingling and outdoor fun.

We were hoping that Aria would be able to stay up the whole party, but by the time we sat her down for her cupcake, she was oh-so-tired. She was able to take a nap and was much revived (and happy to tear through her new presents). Most fortunate of all, the party ended just before the rain started - yes, rain during Memorial Day weekend this year. Crazy!).

Here are some more photos from the party:

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